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Coffee Break #2 Showing Up

By Margaret Sulapas

SHOWING UP: My life in Spring. Or my life with allergies is all about showing up. But no matter how uncomfortable it is, and how life gets so unbearable, you need to show up.

Showing up means professionalism.

Showing up means being responsible.

Showing up means you mean it.

Showing up makes you intentional.

Showing up develops self-discipline.

Showing up means to be present.

Showing up creates more opportunities.

Showing up builds friendships you never thought you’d have.

Showing up means consistency.

Showing up builds a habit.

Showing up is getting started.

If you’re building a business or starting your freelancing journey, develop this discipline. But if you need a break—rest you must, Padawan. 😇

I showed up and took a pic using the Poolsuite camera.

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