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Sunday Thoughts: Why Are You Not Achieving Your Goals?

Sunday Thoughts by Margaret Sulapas

You don’t need another book, FB group, online course, coach or a mentor, a new laptop or the latest iPhone.

You need yourself to TAKE ACTION and BE DISCIPLINED. Make use of your resources and stick with 1-2 groups, mentors or courses and IMPLEMENT what you’ve learned.


Too much NOISE gets you NOWHERE. You need to be intentional and mindful of what you consume. STOP lurking!




Have a routine.

Always show up.

Take care of your health.

Love your craft deeply.

Be thoughtful about everything.


Do you think all these ebooks, FREE lead magnets, and groups and mentors are teaching you EVERYTHING YOU NEED to know to be successful? You’re WRONG. And they’ll never teach you everything they know, that’s a fact.

You will need to TAKE ACTION and DO THE WORK. These are just your guides. Its a manual they are giving you, but you still need to show up and get your hands dirty. So since they are your “guide”, better choose carefully since you can’t use too many maps heading to ONE direction.


But if you INVEST time and effort to yourself and the craft you have committed to work, you’ll ACHIEVE GREAT THINGS.

M x

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